User experience designer and creative leader Dmitri Bekasov

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Dream, design, experience.

Individual UX solutions making your product fabulous.

Designer's Swiss army knife
Dmitri Bekasov


I’m Dmitri, a full-stack user experience engineer working in information architecture, designing applications, building websites, and producing gorgeous graphics. For over 20 years, I’ve been tailoring creative solutions for global brands.

Working with confidence on…


Planning a product's structure, usability, functionality, user scenarios, data flows, and development strategy.


Creating style guidelines, setting up a verbal tone, specific terminology, and the naming convention.


Enhancing the content with custom iconography, superb graphics, precise typography, and color consistency.


Designing wireframes, patterns, inputs, and widgets, then introducing visual and functional prototypes.


Building and optimizing web resources, embedding the server-side scripting code, and connecting databases.


Taking on creative leadership and project management, evaluating effort, budgets, and timelines.

Recently completed

  • A web framework for a 5-star airline

    A web framework for a 5-star airline

  • Templates for a global marketing newsletter campaign

    Templates for a global marketing newsletter campaign

  • A website for the electric utility software company

    A website for the electric utility software company


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I’ve had the privilege of working with Dmitri on a number of marketing campaigns and projects, and he has never failed to deliver. Dmitri’s work ethics and professionalism are commendable, and on top of that, he has a great eye for design and mindfulness around the user journey. He is a pro at what he does and in every way deserving of this recommendation.

Wing Mui
Digital & eCommerce Manager
Cathay Pacific

When I think about someone who has the innate ability to combine both arts and technology with extreme focus and detailed to perfection, Dmitri’s name comes to top of mind. I had the opportunity to work with him on projects with Cathay Pacific Airways, which he achieved great results in collaborating with the client and our in-house developer team, improving and expanding on their North American branding and online marketing. As a top tier UX designer, Dmitri earns my highest recommendation.

Collin Roy
Equinox Software Design

An idea is born.

I follow a few principles that help me to deal with the ongoing tasks quickly and efficiently. This can be seen as my work philosophy.

Understanding the concept

Transforming an idea into a concept, I research, map, and bring together factors like stakeholders’ requirements, brand guidelines, production timeframe, usability, and the following support. Modeling the concept’s behavior in this multidimensional system gives me a deep understanding of each product aspect, in fact, before the work begins. It helps predict and eliminate potential problems.

Less is more

Visual noise and excessive functionality are common problems in modern information design. An overly complicated design leads to unreasonably complex development and resource-demanding support. On the contrary, keeping things simple helps a user stay focused. The simplicity is a guide for a user wandering in a maze of a complex application. Let’s not be afraid of simplicity.

Standards don’t restrict innovation

Standards are great. Following the standards builds a strong foundation for a seamless user experience. Understanding the standards plus common sense is necessary to create a project-specific sustainable standard that, if properly designed, can be reused in other projects. Eventually, this paves the way to innovations.

Perfection is the ultimate experience

A well-designed product requires less future intervention, and it lasts. I strive for this perfection, though in reality, it’s challenging. However, setting high goals helps to get over any difficulties. In the end, we recognize when a product’s poorly designed, and on the contrary—we often don’t even notice the UX job is done right.

Let’s work

I’m aspired to cast your great idea into a product that delivers rich, positive experiences. With high-quality standards and the latest technology in mind, I’ll create a visually attractive and accessible product that tells a compelling story and is built to last. Let’s get working.

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